“It’s worthless,’’ a young man said. “Leave it alone,’’ told another.    I heard all these, while I was on a walk. To see what all the commotion was about, I went closer.

“What happened?’’ I asked.

“Some boys hit this dog with a huge rock and ran away,’’ replied an elderly man.

“Didn’t you stop them?’’ I enquired. “They were too fast,’’ told a boy.

Everyone decided to leave the dog there. But I said NO. “What will you do with him?’’ asked everybody.

“I will give him a new life.’’ I replied. I heard some people laughing, but I ignored them. I decided to take care of the dog because I felt pity for it by looking at its innocent and helpless face.

After a while I took it home. By looking at it my mom asked. “Why did you bring this filthy dog home?’’ I told my mom the story. She allowed me to keep it but she told that he was my responsibility. I accepted her deal. Dad and I went to the vet to ask for help. The vet had bandaged the dog’s wound and gave us some tips on how to feed him or when to feed him and even what to feed him.

“Feed him twice a day,” the vet reminded us. “Once during morning and once at night”, he added.

Afterwards we went to buy medicine and food from a shop. After a few days of care, we felt some changes in him.  He became healthier and even more active day by day. The dog would play in the garden every evening.

One day, my father told me. “It has been here for long, it’s time for it to go’’. I tried to convince my dad to keep it, but in vain.

We left him in the streets, but he kept following us. No matter where we would leave him, he would follow us.

“Look, Dad …he is coming back to us,’’ I said. “Can I keep him, please?’’ I begged.

“Okay, if he wants to be with you, then let him be with you,’’ my dad replied.

I was so happy that I was jumping in joy. “Come here boy…’’ I asked the dog and it jumped into my hand. I named him Poochie. Since then I have Poochie with me and I love him a lot.

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