Once up on a time in a village lived an old man named Suresh. Every morning the old man left his home on a bullock cart to market. As usual a fine morning Suresh reached the market. He fed the bullocks and bought some pots and loaded. He sold the pots for a good amount. While he was returning home he saw a jewelry shop and thought of buying a gift for his lovable wife. He bought a beautiful necklace for his wife.

A young Man called Shibin was following Suresh. When he saw that Suresh was leaving the town the young man took short cut and hid behind a tree until the bullock cart arrived. When the bullock cart crossed the tree the young man jumped on the cart and sprayed something on Suresh’s face. Suresh fainted. Shibin took off the necklace.

The bullocks reached home and the old man’s wife realized that something had gone wrong. She nursed her husband. The old Man’s sons went on the bullock cart and found the thief. They handed the thief to the police and took the necklace back. They gave the necklace to their mother and she was very happy. The bullock became a part of their family.

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Fathima Rizna · September 27, 2015 at 1:24 pm

It’s interesting Liya! You can do better.

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