I lay there still,

My chest was rising and falling,

But it was slow and soft

Like it was about to stop.

The birds, wow! Beauties!

Perching and chirping and singing tunes

The view from the window

Eased the pain!

The birds were not afraid any more,

They knew that my walking stick

Won’t move again!

They came near me,

Pecked on my shoulder,

Enjoyed the freedom they got!

The naughty little squirrels

Partied near my small snack table.

No! this old man’s nothing ! they thought.

The basket was full with antedotes

And used wrappers!

In between lie tissues covered in blood.

My family and friends tried

To erase me from their thoughts,

They did not want to waste

Their lives indulged in grief.

Mary and Jimmy

Grew up so fast!

They prepared their

Daddy’s grave so fast.

The black mourning clothes

Will be ready by dawn!

All that’s left to be ready

Is just a poor soul!

But something inside

Perhaps the last light of life!

Said there’s more time left.

Don’t be sad!

My last words

Were no more last.

I had time to make

More memories!

Suddenly a streak of pain

Held me still!

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