Raju a sensitive orphan child at the “Our Family” orphanage could never connect to the people around him. He was assertive of the fact that children like him cannot judge individuals properly. He had a passion to know people and understand their nature. Once while returning from the temple, he noticed an exhausted traveller trying to fend for shade under a rather bare tree. Raju’s compassionate heart thronged to help the traveller and so he offered the traveller the temple offerings he had. The traveller was an elderly wise man; he thanked Raju and immediately read the boy’s face and asked, “Why are you so perplexed my child? You can share your feelings with me. May be I can help you.” After a long time, Raju felt that he had found a companion in someone. He freely shared his dilemma on how to judge people and was keen to know how the traveller could help him. The traveller grinned, touched Raju’s head with affection and said, “You must have definitely seen a hurdle race, right?” The participants of the race have to cross the hurdles successfully to win the challenge. Similarly, we all humans are in the race of life and the hurdles are our negative traits like ego, pride and selfishness. But remember that our hard work, good nature and the way in which we touch people’s lives is our strength to overcome the hurdles. “Little boy, I have met numerous people throughout the journey of life- some serious, some happy go-lucky, some extremely practical and pragmatic.” Just remember, “Be an optimist and your life will be fruitful.”


Raju sat amazed under the tree while the traveller walked away carrying his belongings; he pondered over the lesson he had learnt that pessimist see difficulty in every opportunity whereas optimists see opportunities in every difficulty.

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