There are times when I meet people, by people I mean my close friends, they always have some sort of difficulties in their life. It can be either depression, stress, lack of love, relationship problems, health problems and whatsoever. Well it’s not just them but the whole globe which experience such kind of problems and difficulties and we complain constantly about our lives, but have we ever thought for what purpose is this being done? Like what is the ultimate purpose of all such difficulties and how is it going to help us?

Well the answer is pretty simple if I go into a religious point of view, but it will be better if I talk about it generally. We know that we are down to earth for a purpose and what is that purpose? As we are in the womb of our mother for 9 months before we witness the reality of life has a purpose too and what is that purpose? The moment we are born and we start crying and move our hands and legs or overall our whole body has a purpose too but what is that purpose? The thrill is fascinating isn’t it? Well let me explain it to you now.

Fighting the battle of life is not at all an easy task. We succeeded by being alive for 9 months in the womb and we succeeded by being born alive and all praise be to the Lord that he made us in good state. The moment we are born and start to cry, that crying signifies by being welcomed into the world where there is bloodshed, pain, oceans of sins, killers, a circle of evilness and this list does not end.

As we grow we get to witness many things. Once my friend told me about her problems which she was facing with friends and she wasn’t happy. Another friend told me about problems she was facing with her family and yet another friend told me about problems that she facing with her teachers as she didn’t get love from them as those teachers gave to other students. These all problems made me realize that we are actually being tested to know what love feels like. If one person is at peace with family, teachers, relatives but lacks peace with friends then at that point that person is being tested to know what love from them feels like. If other person is at peace with relatives, friends, teachers, neighbours but not at peace with family then that person is being tested to know what family love feels like. There are more such stories but I guess this is enough as it will bore you much or maybe you already are. I won’t apologize for that because this is what I needed to express and you needed to know.

Life is a roller coaster. If your tracks are strong your life will go smoothly but if they are weak then battle the roughness of life. Pain comes in two forms and its upon you which one you choose, pain that makes you strong or pain that just breaks you. Make decisions wisely because your single decision will be life altering.


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