Did you guys hear about that guy? Nasty  man… Somebody lost their cool and killed the bully… apparently it was too gruesome to show on television. *Oooh* I mean, the bully was twice the size of the guy… I could’ve easily knocked out the guy if he came at me. I present to you Nathan, the chatterbox.

Oops, tomatoes in my sandwich. I told that subway guy no tomatoes. Tomatoes are not meant to be eaten. Arrgghh…! Uuuhh.. New guy, Robert, still getting used to our talks. Otherwise okay.

I have some pictures of the dead body man… My Whats App buddy got it somehow. Takes out and shows it to everyone, Robert nearly choking to death on tomatoes and Nathan maintaining his cool… for now. I present to you… Andy, the Whats App guy.

Then there’s me, Zack, the divergent.

Nathan, I know the whole story… I heard it from a friend of mine who had a friend at Starling City High, the school where this mental guy was studying at. Our guy’s name is Andrew Trebor. He was an overachiever. A in every  subject apparently. If you ask me he’s just asking for getting bullied man…

So, Andrew was bullied every time. One day the bully took Andrew into his dorm room. Nobody knows what happened in that room. But Andrew’s eyes were red when he came out and the bully just laughed.

This happened for three more days until Andrew went mad and just attacked everyone he saw. The bully just walked away freely and Andrew is now in a mental hospital.

Here’s the freaky part… On Thursday, People heard noises from the bully’s room, like the room was falling apart… the bully begging for his life and people actually say that they heard Andrew’s voice, cursing and ranting, throwing things and stuff…

Then things cooled down and people finally got the door open to see the bully with his throat slit, his body mutilated, the word bully written on his forehead. It was a sorry sight, he said.

Guess what, according to the mental hospital Andrew was there all the time. So there’s no proof that it was Andrew. So, don’t blame the poor guy people… he’s just a victim of bullying and he was locked up in a mental hospital, there’s no way he could have escaped. I say.

You’ve got it wrong, Nathan. Says Robert taking another bite of his sandwich and getting up.

Oh yeah? What? Where? Seems like Robert is coming into track.

I steal a glance at his ID Card as he gets up, ‘Robert Andrews’. As realization dawns upon me, he just smiles.








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