The thing about waiting is that it makes a man impatient,
But perhaps waiting is all we need to do,
Allow the elements to take charge,
For fate to chart its course,
Yes, it is hard,
Yes, it seems unnecessary,
But it is all we have to do,
In times of crisis, diplomacy takes flight,
Yet whatever world leader has to say in common,
Is the price tag that impatience does attach,
The tone that grumbling arms,
Often strikes a lethal vibe,
Be it a line that is long,
A decision simply wrong,
A conversation pending,
An attack never ending,
Waiting does what waiting does,
Lying back in the shadows,
Eyeing the price ahead,
Yet every hunter will proudly say,
That the extra second’s delay,
Was worth the head on the wall,
Waiting is often synonymous with silence,
But perhaps keeping quiet is right as well,
For the globe revolves,
The sun rushes ahead,
The universe keeps expanding,
Despite waiting quietly,
You are now thousands of miles from where were a second ago,
Such is fate’s vibrant flow,
But alas we shall never truly see,
The movement that I write of,
Yet a soldier will surely cry,
As he narrates the seconds that itched by,
As the planes flew overhead,
The dirt of the ricocheting shell laced his face,
The blood of his comrades upon his boots,
That the pause before the next step,
Might have well saved his life,
But stole away every night’s sleep,
Waiting is neither good nor bad,
But what makes me sad,
Is that despite knowing it’s the right thing to do,
Several….choose not to.

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