Once upon a time in a  village named Tripuram, lived a kind man. His name was Raj. He helped everyone in that village by giving  fruits from his own garden. Everyday  the poor people from that village would come in front of his home to get the fruits that he was going to give. At least one bunch of grapes would be given to the people. One day, he suddenly died while sleeping. The poor people from that village were very  much sad . The poor  did not eat anything because, they were very much sad  thinking about Mr.Raj’s death.

The next day, the people in that village thought, the three sons of Mr.Raj will be also kind like him,but they were wrong. They were very greedy of this grapes garden. One of their sons were very kind like Mr.Raj  but the other two sons were very greedy. They were not sharing anything to anyone. So, one day they discussed that  they would cut every grapes at night and sell it. After saying this, they slept for a while. When they woke up, there was no fruit in the garden, the robbers have robbed it. If they had given it to the people atleast they would have enjoyed, this made themunderstand that their greediness had put them in trouble. That day onwards, they were kind to everyone.

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