It was a dark and silent night. Suddenly, a grace woke up from her sleep by a sound. She opened her window and realised that it was raining cats and dogs but, there was something strange about it. The rain smelled pleasant like lavender and  it had  a pink hue. She got scared, ran to her brother and woke him up. Their parents where to be found nowhere in their room or in the house. They opened the front door, only to find out that other children were also out.

A voice lured them to the City Hall of the Capitol. James Walker, the only son  of the president came out and announced that  their parent s were abducted and it is upto the children to save them. The children were divided into three groups from which, one girl and a boy were chosen to find their parents. As soon as they  were chosen a blinding lightening was seen and instantly, the children found themselves in the football ground where,they were challenged by some demons to beat them in a football match to know where their parents were.

The children won the match and the demons said their parents were in a nearby island.When they ran to the sea, a mermaid came out and said ’You will be able to go the island only if, you solve my riddle; they had to accept the challenge. The mermaid then said, ” Here this is my riddle: I can give you confidence, I can give you happiness, I can give grievances and also, I covey it. The truth lies in the eyes of the beholder. What am I?’

They thought for some time, and one came up with the correct answer which was ‘Mirror’.

The mermaid gave them a  mirror from which, a voice said, ‘ There’s another riddle that awaits: Find your path, “as above, so below”.

They looked up at the dark sky with twinkled stars, they saw the Osiris constellation which beamed and separated the sea to show a submarine. The children went into the submarine which said, ‘ I will take you to the island but, it just holds five, one you must be  left  behind.’

The submarine then, reached a magical rotating island. They left one in the submarine and the other five stepped on the island which, kept rotating.

It was dark and misty. They found an old man standing there. The man gave them a map but, they found it useless as there was a glitch. They couldn’t read the map. They tried to walk ahead and they were pushed into a volcano and found that there was a parallel world with a dark room.

In the dark room they find seven mirrors which were doors to some other rooms. They heard their parents screaming from one of the mirrors but, couldn’t figure out which one. When the children took out the map all the mirrors disappeared and only one was left. They  opened the mirror door and they were over-joyed when they found their parents.

The end.




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