Enhanced standard of dwelling necessitates availability of more goods, improved lifestyle, lessened prices and extended job opportunities can be brought by Industrialization. Nonetheless, I strongly believe that an advanced standard of living can be accomplished only at a cost.

Respected Teachers and my dear friends, I am here today to present my point of view on the standard of living which can be improved at a cost.

The standard of living may be defined as degree of wealth, contentment, material goods and obligations accessible to a person or a community.

Unequivocally, the developments of the past few centuries have shaped our lives remarkably. The development of luxurious apartments to dwell in, exotic cars to explore the wide universe, and the latest technology to fascinate oneself, has all been feasible at a cost.

Exploitation of natural resources has primarily contributed to availability of abundant raw materials preceding ungoverned blossoming of innumerable industries and companies, eventually provoking the depletion of limited resources left.

Moreover, Uncontrolled production produces untreated wastes which are ofttimes discarded to water bodies and landfills ultimately polluting them. In turn, it facilitates transmission of air and water-borne diseases affecting the health of the public society.

In the nutshell, I conclude that the standard of living, which though can be raised, is probable only at a great cost.

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