Indian classical dances are a form of vibration of our body and mind. It is a form of worship through which a dancer can reach the Almighty. Moreover, it is a form of Yoga.  This is the Indian view of dance but, these dance forms are not getting much attention from Indians.

India is well known for its Culture and Arts. The Tourism of India is mainly running because of this culture. Foreigners visit India to observe the beauty of Indian culture, while the Indians are forgetting about their cultural history. They enjoy rhythms of beats of western culture and their dances. Even in reality shows they mix Classical Dance with Western Dances. Thus, Indians have started to enjoy the Hip Hop, Jazz, and other forms of dances than Bharatnatyam, Kathakali and other Classical forms.

The people of India or the Government of India can take initiative to promote the Indian classical forms among the Indians through mass medias. Nowadays people watch Television every day. The reality shows are their favourite. Starting a new reality show to promote and appreciate the Indian classical dances will make the Indians to understand its rich and divine values.

The movement of Indian Classical Dance is very subtle and aesthetic. Dancers can inspire everybody through their charm, grace and elegance. Watching them, even people might want to try them.

Indians are well known for their culture and arts, and without it their value is minimized. Rock and Roll can give you happiness, it doesn’t make you a Saint but, Indian Classical dances are Adoration of God. It depicts the way of life and the culture of India. By promote Classical dance forms, we are promoting culture and thereby unity.

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it is too goo

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