I walked by my neighboring playground. The stillness of the playground surprised me. There were no children howling and no one on the swings. This scene made me wonder why the place that my friends and I never wanted to leave, the place that made my childhood memories was now empty.

This incident made me realize the fact that there is not much room for games and sports in the present times.

When I thought along the same lines I realized the importance of sports in personality development.

Games and sports are an irreplaceable and the most priceless part of an infant’s life. They help a person to develop holistically. The competitiveness of the present world has led to the declining value of games and sports in the development of an individual.

The foremost benefit of sports is that it teaches us to maintain mental balance in the midst of hopes and despair. It helps to develop team spirit and mental and physical toughness. It also teaches us the importance of enjoying the small things in life and that it is not always necessary to be victorious.

The eradication of both physical and mental strain by sports and games makes it easier for an individual to achieve their goals as they are able to focus better. Therefore the efficiency and capability of an individual can be maximized by the involvement in sports.

The vitality of games in an individual’s life cannot be ignored. Education without sports does not help in the holistic growth of an individual and therefore it must be made a part of academic curriculum.

Compassion, sacrifice, contentment and sportsmanship are character building and is brought out by sports and games. Let’s encourage sports and build strong people with great minds.

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