It was early morning. The sky was dark and quiet. The streets were empty. The morning was soon coming alive with the chirping of the birds. The moonlight was slowly fading away.

I got up early as it was the first day of university. I was excited but, the first day didn’t go exciting for me as planned. Just because of one person. I never imagined she would be in my class. I really wasn’t expecting her.

“Hey Stephen”! She approached me. “Hi Tara”! I replied avoiding the eye contact so that she could leave. I thought she understood that and left. She sat behind me.

Tara was my classmate since high school. I never liked her. Maybe because she was annoying. At least she is annoying to me. She is a short girl. Her petite figure made her look like a kid. She is friendly and all but I can’t stand her presence near me. I can’t stand any female’s presence. They all are traitors.

Back in high school, I used to date this girl. I adored her a lot, but she left me for another guy. Ever since then I just hated females. They say they love you then later they leave you for another guy. Those bloody traitors.

Tara was always there around me. No matter how many times I tried to stay away from her, somehow she always managed to be around me.

My best mate, Aden, thinks that Tara likes me. I think that is ridiculous. Aden insists me every time to give Tara a chance and move on in life. He further insists me to try to forget the past.

I know it has been two months already since Amy and I broke up and I can’t get over it. Especially, after everything we had, it was very hard to forget the woman who I loved the most, after my mom.

It is true that I hate her now but there is still a part of me that loves her and cares for her. She said we could be friends. Being friends with her will always remind me how much she meant to me when we were a thing. Therefore I denied her proposal of friendship.

I hate Starbucks. Why? That is because we met there for the first time. And I knew she was just the girl for me, but I was wrong. So very wrong.

Starbucks also reminds me of the last talk we had before she officially broke up with me. We were on a date having a cappuccino when she told me that she has growing feelings for another man and wanted to leave me. After that, she left the place leaving me all alone. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I thought she was back but it wasn’t her. It was Tara. It was obvious that Amy won’t return.

Tara was there when all these took place. She said it would be alright. I just wanted some more time. I didn’t want anyone’s advice and especially not from her. So I slowly pushed her side and went back home without even thanking her for her concern.

I felt bad for how I treated Tara back at the restaurant but I didn’t have the courage to face her since I have always avoided her. The reason why I don’t really appreciate her because she always finds some way or the other to be right by my side. I know it’s really nice to have a friend by your side. But there is a limit to everything and I believe she has crossed her limit. No matter how many time I insult her or tease her or even talk ill about her in public, there is always a smile on her lips.

It is the second-day of University and everything seems to be going well with me except for the Tara part.

Aden, as always kept on insisting me to give Tara a chance to win me over. According to me, that was the most stupid and ridiculous advice, Aden has ever given to me.

On the other hand, during recess Tara’s best friend, Hailey, was a good friend to me. She told me something that got me thinking. She told me to think about Aden’s advice and Amy’s proposal of friendship. Hailey was a very friendly and understanding person. Her dark hair matched her eye colour. I really wanted to yell at her, when she shared me her piece of mind with me. I wanted to say her not to poke her nose in my matter. But I couldn’t.

The reason why I didn’t yell at her because I didn’t want to lose a good friend like her. She was the only female friend who understands me very well. Other females are just too untrustworthy. The reason why Hailey was exceptional because we were friends since kindergarten. We knew each other since then.

She is very understanding and caring, but yes, I did want to yell at her for poking her nose in my personal life. It is my life, not hers!

Days passed by and Hailey kept reminding about the little conversation we had during the recess that day and Aden, as usual, kept on advising me his stupid theories.

I really wished if I could just yell at them and say that I didn’t need their help or sympathy, but I just couldn’t do it!

Finally, the day arrived which I was afraid of, Tara sharing her feelings about me to Aden and Hailey. I overheard their conversation and really felt pissed at myself for being so mean and harsh to Tara. That poor brunette was just trying to help me. She was just trying to cheer me up and help me move on with my life.

She told them that she had had enough. She further said that she did everything she could do to remove “the hatred for all women” in my life and all I did to her was insult her with my hate and harsh comments.

I felt extremely sorry for myself, for my beast-like behaviour towards that brunette.

Later that evening, I went over to Tara’s place and was quite surprised to see Hailey and Aden there. Feeling very weird, I entered her house. She didn’t ask me what brought me to her place, instead, I could see the concern and love for me in her golden brown eyes.

Without saying anything I just hugged her. She was surprised by my action but right after a few seconds, she hugged me back. Followed by Hailey and Aden. We broke the group hug and I apologized to everyone. Especially, to Tara.

I apologized for everything for all the mean things I did to her and also thanked her for everything she did for me to help me bring back my smile even after my beastly behaviour.

What really surprised me is that she opened up. She finally spilt those words which she wanted to say since the very beginning.

Ever since my break up with Amy, I just wasn’t ready for another relationship and therefore I politely refused her proposal.

I told her that I won’t be able to give the love she needs. I promised her that I would be a good friend to her and always stay by her side like how a true and loyal friend should be.

I assured her that she would get her mister when the right time comes, she just needed to be patient. Fortunately, she understood me and happily agreed. She also accepted my friendly proposal.

That was the happiest moment for me. I felt myself again. It felt as if all the missing pieces of myself was fixed.

All thanks to Tara, Hailey, and Aden but special thanks to Tara. Everything is settled now. The maze I was stuck in, now I am out. I am even friends with Amy now.

I honestly feel myself again. The old fun-loving and always happy Stephen is back. And everything runs the way it should.

I believe that this is the end of my twisted rather weird reunion love story. We all lived happily ever after.



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