Walking through the lust green woods on a silvery moonlight night triggered a feeling of delight in me, as I was amidst silence and hushness with the silver rays of the moon leading me deeper into the woods.

The twinkling of stars above me, the dazzling of fireflies around me, the gentle calm breeze blowing through my hair, the twittering sound of crickets, the hustling of leaves sounded like a  love song to my ears, made me feel like an innocent butterfly in a magical world.

Suddenly a shadow of darkness petrified my joy with an overcast of clouds, the conversion of gentle breeze to strong wind, a clang thunder and a streak of lightning had taken me aback. From a distance I could hear the howling of a fox, the hooting of an owl and a cloud of bats transformed that magical light of fireflies into a deep sense of darkness dismay and fear.

Amidst all this turbulence, I felt the hot sticky breathe of a tiger upon the back of my neck which made me scream, only to discover it was a dream.

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